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Historia de la Universidad de Santiago de Compostela
  • Language: es
  • Pages: 598
A Pilgrimage from Belfast to Santiago de Compostela
  • Language: en
  • Pages: 96
Catálogos de la Biblioteca Universitaria
  • Language: la
Silvopastoralism and Sustainable Land Management
  • Language: en
  • Pages: 429

Silvopastoralism and Sustainable Land Management

  • Type: Book
  • -
  • Published: 2005
  • -
  • Publisher: CABI

Agroforestry and silvopastoralism are ancient ways of managing forestland that should be encouraged as they increase productivity in the short, medium and long terms (in comparison with forestland), biodiversity (in comparison with farmland) and the sustainability of land (multi-product system). This book addresses important problems that need to be solved by indicating adequate means of managing forestry and grasslands. These problems are related to issues such as the multiple benefits of forests, fire and erosion risk reduction and countryside conservation. This book is based on papers resentedat a conference held in Spain in April 2004.

Historia de la ciudad de Santiago de Compostela
  • Language: zh-CN
  • Pages: 644
O idioma na universidade de Santiago de Compostela
  • Language: gl
  • Pages: 282