Thomas J Allen, a long-time professor (now emeritus) at the MIT Sloan School of Management, is one of the pioneering researchers in the areas of innovation and the management of technology. His seminal research spanning decades continues to have a significant influence on scholars studying the critical differences between science and technology, the boundary-spanning role of technical gatekeepers, the influence of architectural designs on communications, and project management in general. Allen’s papers provide an illuminating view of how organizations, managers, and technical leaders can truly affect the problem-solving capability, creativity, and technical performance of their professional staff. This book presents a compilation of selected works by Allen.Allen’s research focuses on many aspects of the innovation process. He was among the first to identify the diverse aspects of the process and how they fit together. His writings on the influence of organizational structure and physical architecture on the innovation process are unique. His work is truly foundational, and the reappearance of this wide variety of his papers is a treasure trove for a new generation of scholars of innovation in business schools throughout the world.