The Complete Guide to Settling an Estate in Texas

Probate can be a complicated process during a difficult time in many people's lives. How to Probate and Settle an Estate in Texas can help you understand, prepare for and work through the process of handling an estate in Texas.

Written in an easy-to-understand manner, this book explains the different kinds of probate available in Texas and details the steps that must be completed. Checklists are provided for each specific kind of probate to ensure that no form or step is missed along the way. From dealing with creditors to handling estate taxes, How to Probate and Settle an Estate in Texas will provide you with essential knowledge to assist in closing an estate.

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Appointing a Resident Agent
Working with an Attorney
Providing Notice to Creditors
Paying Debts and Expenses
Preparing an Estate Inventory

Ready-to-Use Forms with Instructions:
IRS Form SS-4
Application for Probate and Administration of Estate
Notice to Creditors
Appointment of Resident Agent
and many more...

Texas Probate Code
Checklists for specific kinds of Texas probate
Explanation of forms to use for each kind of probate
Plain-English glossary of terms
Step-by-step instructions
Ready-to-use, blank forms

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