Five Book Collection of the Bestselling Books. Five Book Series, 675 pages, featuring; Something in the Woods is Taking People, Hunted in the Woods, Predators in the Woods, Taken in the Woods, Mysterious things in the Woods. SOMETHING IN THE WOODS IS TAKING PEOPLE. Something unknown that we cannot define; something that others have had the misfortune to encounter. People snatched soundlessly, never to be seen again. Or returned; dead. A strange and highly unusual predator. Highly intelligent. Very successful. And able to overpower someone in an instant. This is a puzzle. An often deadly one. Here follows some very troubling and disturbing accounts. Something in the Woods is taking people.... Unexplained disappearances, missing people, and the things that have Taken them...missing in national parks, woods and forests. Mysterious vanishings... Terrifying True Accounts. Missing in national parks, forests, and woods. Missing people, taken, hunted, vanished.... unexplained mysteries missing and disappearing people.