In this expanded second edition of "What You Need to Know About Estate Planning in Texas," family law attorney Thomas Daley explains the building blocks of a comprehensive estate plan in plain English. Even if you don't know the difference between a Springing Power of Attorney and a bottle of spring water, "What You Need to Know About Estate Planning in Texas" will explain all the important concepts you need to understand. Written in the crisp style of a litigation attorney, this expanded second edition of Thomas Daley's popular title contains descriptions of Miller Trusts, used to divert income so that a nursing home patient can qualify for Medicaid and Lady Bird Deeds that allow a Medicaid recipient to pass their homestead to family members without being subject to Medicaid Estate Reimbursement Program ("MERP") claims. The appendices contain numerous sample forms and a questionnaire that you can complete before meeting with an estate planning attorney. Your estate plan speaks for you when you can no longer speak for yourself. This book is a practical, no-nonsense first step in creating your own comprehensive estate plan.