"Surviving the Toxic Family" is a valuable book for anyone trying to recover from the devastating effects of growing up in a toxic or dysfunctional family. Drawing on engaging case studies, this book shows you how it is possible to recover from the trauma associated with a toxic family and leads you through the process to complete recovery.

This book utilizes a three step process:

  1. Understanding why your family acts the way they do and why they treated you so poorly
  2. Changing the rules so that you do not have to continue being mistreated by them
  3. Taking your life back and living a life that's more authentic and genuine

"Surviving The Toxic Family" promises to be a valuable tool for anyone who has a dysfunctional family, those with a loved one whom struggles with their family, and for therapists seeking to help clients from toxic families. This book provides practical hands-on strategies for surviving even the most toxic and dysfunctional families.